Biomega - AMS

Single Speed / One-size / Black


· Dansk designet elcykel
· Lithium ion-batteri med en levetid på 45-65 km
· Olie-fri
· Vejer kun 24 kg.
· Single Speed
· One Size (50 cm)
· Fås i farverne black, silver og white

10 mdr.
1.500,00 kr. /md.
20 mdr.
750,00 kr. /md.
30 mdr.
500,00 kr. /md.
Fra 500,00 kr. /md.
Kontantpris 15.000,00 kr.


Biomega AMS design offers the highest level of performance

The Biomega AMS E-Low is a semi-monocoque pedelec that provides a smooth daily ride. Its mix of city bike features combined with moped physiognomy and power make it a sturdy and reliable companion for contemporary urban transport. Its low center of gravity allows for both easier entry and more comfortable cycling. Developed for city dwellers and greater urbanites, the AMS E-low features a lightweight aluminum frame that provides an enjoyable commute.

The hole in AMS E-Low is a heritage element from the MN bike.

As in MN bike, it serves the purpose of locking the bike.

The AMS E-low comes with a Gates Carbon external belt drive. It is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It is moreover grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free and will not leave any marks on your pants or have you pull over to fix a dropped chain.

Singlespeed or 7 Internal gears make it a sturdy and reliable companion for contemporary urban transport.

With the powerful lithium ion battery, the AMS E-low has an impressive estimated range at 45 km – 65 km (25 miles – 40 miles)


500,00 kr. pr. md. ved 30 mdr.
rente- og gebyrfrit
15.000,00 kr.
0 kr.
15.000,00 kr.
500,00 kr.
0.00 kr.
15.000,00 kr.